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From the Student

Layaa Grade 10, Riverside School, Ahmedabad, India

Hi I am Layaa 14 years old from Riverside School. My interest for art and design helped me come up with the kaleidoscope idea behind this logo. I absolutely love sports and try to get on a basketball court whenever I have the chance.

I chose kaleidoscope as a concept as it represents a compilation of various elements coming together for a single goal which can be viewed from multiple perspectives. This aptly represents the core belief of the summit.


From the Design Agency

Sajith Ansar Founder and CEO of Ideaspice

A kaleidoscope gives you a fresh perspective on an inanimate object, provides different views to keep moving, growing, and seeing the beauty in each new perspective.

Keeping in mind this thought and connecting it with how a single design created, can change the world for the better. A new perspective of solving a problem through design.